HARD KNOX STUNTS INC. is the personal
services company of Gaston Morrison also
know as Gaston Howard who was formerly
known as Gaston Morrison (at birth that is…it’s
a long story). Hard Knox Stunts was formed on
February 7, 2000, and I started my
professional debut in the film industry in 1993.

So, this is about as skinny as it gets… I grew
up in Surrey BC Canada, and quickly adopted
the Surrey hard head ways… eventually I
became a Drywall finisher (trying to make an
honest living, not the Surrey way)… then
became a Kickboxing champion… and now
people pay me to jump off buildings and fly
through the air on motorcycles.

Best Stunt: High fall backwards with Jimmy
Roberts in Budapest. On "I Spy," doubling
Eddie Murphy, directed by Betty Thomas.

Hardest/Worst show: Rollerball, shot in
Montreal, doubling LL Cool J, directed by John

Most Famous and Coolest Actor worked with:
Will Smith on "I Robot"

Injuries: Yes

There is a bunch of crap in between there but
most of it’s a lot of dribble. I do have to say I
have been very fortunate in my career and
more so in life. I owe a debt of gratitude to my
Kickboxing trainer, Dennis Crawford, for
helping me turn my life around when times
were at their toughest. I also owe gratitude to
all those who have helped me along my path.

If you are reading this and think you want to do
stunts for a living; it’s like anything else you
want to be successful at, there’s a simple
formula… Patients, Persistence,
Perseverance, and shit load of hard work. If
you think you can just sit around and expect
people to hire you to do stunts, think again. If
you think you can schmooze and brown nose
your way in… well some have done it, but its
not very honourable, and everybody knows
who those people are, and they gets no
respect. Stunts are a tough game and a tight
knit community. So if you think you are going to
venture down the ground pounding path, you
better commit 110%, it’s a long path to travel.